Our mission

RVCN aims at providing a frame within which collaborations can make conservation initiatives come true. It is also our will to provide as much information as possible by sharing resources, expertise and knowledge in conservation-related fields.

Two ways for you to get involved:

  1. As a student, you might want to find a conservation-related degree abroad. Or, you want to go to the field and train? Work in a lab in another country? Participate in an international congress? Check out the news and browse our database.

  2. As a professional, you might want to join in to get a stronger institutional as part of an international network. You might find in RVCN the partnerships that will help you to overpass your difficulties (e.g. lack of equipment or skilled personnel). You are definitely at the right place. Please, check our partners list in the RVCN Database.

Our goal

Conservation actors are people like you and me. Some have gathered more experience than others but they need help in the field or in the lab. Others need to put their knowledge into practice. RVCN believes that joining forces between professionals and beginners is a win-win situation and a key to the success of any conservation initiative.

Our values

RVCN was born from a common will to overpass all major obstacles to conservation projects (assistance, funds, structure). The more numerous we are and the more organized we get, the more efficient we can be and by doing so, conservation actions actually happen.

Note: RVCN cannot be held responsible for inappropriate use of material made available on this website. RVCN solely aims at facilitating contacts between professionals, students and anyone interested in conservation biology and related areas. RVCN is therefore neither responsible for the success or failure of any partnership or exchange; nor for any eventual subsequent legal dispute. For more details, click here.