REDE VERDE is an international network which was born from the mutual need to create partnerships and collaborations among professionals and students involved in conservation.
Students need field experience and training while professionals need help that they can get here through volunteering and collaborations
RVCN is at the crossroad of these two profiles and provides the information that both parts need to "connect" and make things happen.
RVCN gathers universities, non-governmental organizations and people from all over the world, all involved in research, natural resources protection, valorization, management and most importantly, education.

It is more than a network, it is a growing community of people from all over the world that want to live in a better world, that want to connect to their roots (= the land, Earth) and want to act to make our life style more sustainable for the future generations. If you are like this, you might want to get involved into the RVCN Community.

It is easy, it is fast and it is FREE!

RVCN also provides a mine of information related to environmental fields.
You will find a well of information, you will know about on-going conservation projects and other related activities worldwide by browsing our database, and you will have endless opportunities to take action and actually do something!

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